Software & App Developers

If you’re developing an app that requires text input in any form, Dextr is the answer.

Think about how many users are having a frustrating user experience performing that most basic of tasks — entering text simply, quickly and efficiently… with no mistakes. And think about how many of your users might be newbies, struggling with mastering the default QWERTY layout. In the developing world, fewer than 10% of your users will be QWERTY literate. Even in the developed world as many as 25% will be novices. Check just how big this so-called “Mobile Only Internet Generation” is here.


Give your valued users the option of something that’s fast to learn, easy to use and simple to master. You’ll be offering them a far more enjoyable experience for your app.

Talk to us today about you you can incorporate or bundle dextr with your app to improve your usability and your users’ enjoyment.

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