Mobile Device Manufacturers

Dextr offers mobile manufacturers a competitive usability advantage.

Think about all the tasks on your device that require text input – it’s hard to think of any that don’t.

Yet most people are forced to type using a QWERTY layout (either physical or virtual) — an archaic system developed in the 1870s to slow typists down. It was never designed with touchscreens in mind. Heck, it was never even designed with computers in mind.

Needless to say, its a total usability to fail on touchscreens – even for seasoned touch-typers.

It’s even a total usability fail on PCs and laptops, with a learning curve measured in months… even years.

The vast majority of newcomers to mobile devices will have never used a PC or laptop, let alone a QWERTY keyboard. They will be migrating to touchscreens from feature phones. The only keyboard they are familiar with is the T9 (or alphanumeric) keypad.

Like the easy-to-master T9 keypad, dextr is alphabetically ordered. dextr provides the perfect transition to touchscreens, a simple, spacious layout that they can start using efficiently within in seconds.

It’s about providing your customers with a range of choices – including an easy option that can have them enjoying the benefits or device within seconds. We offer attractive licensing deals to give your device an unfair advantage over your competition. Please get in touch with us, we’d love to discuss how to give your brand the edge.

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