Health Professionals

When we were designing Dextr, people with physical constraints were at the forefront of our minds. Having lived and worked with people with a range of medical issues, we understand just now limiting and frustrating the QWERTY test entry system is. We truly hope dextr can help you enjoy technology as much as everyone else.


Our flexible layout is particularly useful for people with:

  • Rheumatism and arthritis of the hand, wrist or arm joints
  • Carpal and/or orbital tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) — often a result of typing with the QWERTY system.
  • Injuries to hand, wrist or arms
  • Para- or Quadriplegia

If you or a family member is in any of these categories, contact us today. We make it our mission to determine a system that allows you to communicate via text more simply and easily than any other system out there.

Contact us!

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