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Text input is not limited to smartphones and tablets. As more products offer user interfaces and join the “internet of things”, text input is becoming a vital component of their ergonomics and usability.

From remote controls to security consoles, from navigation devices to cash registers, refrigerators and parking meters, more and more devices require text input for their operation. And the majority of these devices require one-finger or one-handed text entry. And many of these devices are either hand-held or mounted on a surface (like a wall, dashboard, door or monitor) where the user might be standing, sitting or even moving around. Users rarely have both hands free to perform this complex task.

And Dextr eliminates the complexity.

Our unique layout is adaptable for a range of text entry methods:

    • one-finger
    • one-thumb
    • two-thumbs
    • one-handed with all five fingers
    • …and, even alternating left or right handed

No other system offers your users so much flexibility or ease of use. Contact us to ask about how we can help create a simple, hassle free interface for your products to give your customers the best possible user experience.

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