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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: the essential elements of the learning experience for children everywhere. Doesn’t it make more sense to teach kids the alphabet and the number system with a tool that’s also alphabetically and numerically ordered? And is designed around their tiny, nimble fingers.

We’re now in the the post-PC era. Like rotary phones and slides rules and the keyboard and the mouse are being consigned to the dustbin of educational history. We’re in a new era with new learning possibilities. Children these days will grow up with all their textbooks stored on a single tablet. And all their schoolwork on them as well.


So let’s give them a text input system equal and suited to the task – not one based on an industrial age anachronism.

We created dextr especially with early learning in mind:

  • a unique design created to map the shape of the human hand
  • a virtual layout that can scale up or down for growing fingers
  • a simple alphabetic ordering of the keys
  • built around those key building blocks – the vowels
  • a simple keypad style ordering of the numbers to make math fast and fun

Do get in touch with us – we’d love to discuss how we can provide the dextr system to your pupils and students to give them an intuitive head-start in their formative learning years.

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