My phone is my best friend

Dextr Textr - Reo Jan MatiasReo Jan Matias is a 25 year old Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer living in Mabalacat City, in the Philippines.

Reo is an adventurous fellow and his dream is to travel the world. Having a strong interest in architecture his top three destinations are: Paris, to see the Eifel tower; Dubai, to see the Burj Khalifa Tower (the tallest building in the world), and; Japan, to check out the older style of houses.

In planning his travels Reo likes to use the host of apps available for Trip Advisor – there’s a separate app for many of the world’s cities. He also makes use of the google maps app for android.

Like most young people these days Reo loves his smart phone. In fact he says “When I am at home, my phone is my best friend”.

Reo’s best buddy is his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and they’re inseparable!

“It’s like an all-in-one device – a computer on my palm. I watch series from it, chat with my friends, play games and browse pictures”, he says.

Reo’s favourite social apps are Facebook and Instagram, and he also keen on Twitter, Skype and Viber. He uses chat apps more now than SMS, especially Facebook Messenger.

For games, he plays action game Subway Surfers and a word game called 1 Word. (See links at the end of this post.)

Reo’s keyboard of choice is of course Dextr! “Dextr is really cool and innovative”, he says. “The best thing about it is the alphabetic arrangement of the letters.”

Dextr suits Reo to a T because his preferred texting style is using two thumbs. Dextr is the only keyboard app offering different layout to suit preferred texting styles. When he uses a tablet however, he sets the Dextr layout to fingerz because he prefers to use five fingers on larger devices.

Not only that, but Reo is left-handed, so he uses Dextrs layout for left-handers. Again, Dextr is the only keyboard app to offer a left-handed layout!

Thumbz layout
Fingerz layout + left-hand mode

Reo, Dextr and his Samsung will no doubt travel together to the many exciting destinations of his dreams.

Find out why Reo chooses Dextr – download it for your phone now!

Dextr keyboard download free

Reo’s favourite apps

Travel  trip advisor  Google Maps
Social  facebook  Instagram  Twitter
Chat  facebook messenger  skype  Viber
Games  subway surfers  one word

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Dextr video is go!

Team Dextr got its creative on this month making a fill-um!

The short video is to be a centre-piece for use in promotional campaigns.

The star of the show was, of course, the illustrious Mister John Lambie himself, Director of Appalladium and inventor of Dextr.


John’s own Groucho-Marx-esque appearance, style and wit established the flavour base of the piece in which he was costumed in smart western clothing with a tell-tale touch of pizzazz!

The video was shot in a studio in Brisbane Australia by an adroit and charming videographer by the name of Dan Baebler, and it was directed by Dextr’s own creative whizz Pandora Karavan.


Scripts and running sheets were printed, a jumble of props was assembled and three actors were hired.

What ensued on that hot day in Brisbane was ten hours of hard work perfecting scenes – John working at delivering his lines with optimal meter and straightening his bowtie, Dan shuffling lights and framing shots, Pandora hand-waving and barking directions, and all the while everyone on set sweating, giggling and managing their caffeine levels.


Fun was had by all, and it’s hoped that a little of the magic of the day comes through in pixels of the video.

Watch this space!