About Us

Appalladium is committed to creating mobile apps for everyone – everywhere.

Our Team

The Appalladium team is driven by a passion to make the world a better place. Founded by John Lambie, Appalladium has assembled a team of professionals from around the globe. Collaborators include: researchers, developers, designers, testers, operations and financial professionals, project managers, writers, linguists, marketers and sales people.

We’ve worked and travelled all over the world and are both excited and dismayed by what we’ve seen – we’re excited about the potential of technology to empower individuals, families, communities and entire nations, but dismayed at how little effort is made to bring technology to the people who need it most.

It is our vision to change that!

Our Vision

We’re excited about the possibilities of the touchscreen revolution! For the first time, these amazing devices make the power of the internet available to everyone, everywhere. We believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to this empowering technology. It should not belong to the wealthy, fortunate few – technology should belong to all of us. We believe that if can all share the power of technology, we can make the whole world a better place.

Our Mission

At Appalladium, we’ve made it our mission to get people using and communicating with technology quickly, simply and effectively. Our goal is to make technology easier to learn and use.

And we want to put it in the hands of everyone – young, old, rich and poor, regardless of geographical location, language or education. We want to create tools that promote and enable literacy, learning and economic opportunity.

It is our mission to bring technology to the world, one app at a time, and we’re targeting the people who need it most – the peoples of the developing world – in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Our Apps

Our latest app is Dextr – a touchscreen keyboard designed to make text entry on touchscreen fun, fast and simple. We’ve noticed just how many apps rely on basic text input, and how most keyboards make it as difficult as possible to perform this basic task.

So we’ve created Dextr – the first keyboard designed specifically for touchscreens. We start with the simple alphabetical order everyone understands. We’ve then applied basic usability principles to make it fast and easy to create words and sentences – with far fewer frustrating mistakes.

We’re putting our first version of Dextr out there in App Stores for free – for anyone to download and start getting the most out of their mobile devices and apps.

Find out more about Project Dextr.

Partner with us

Appalladium is seeking partnerships with technology companies, a range of industry professionals, and investors who share our vision. We seek partnerships with those looking for a competitive advantage in these exciting and rapidly growing markets. We are seeking big-thinking investors to collaborate with us in accelerating our plans for rapid growth within the largest mass migration to technology the world has ever seen.

Find out more about partnering with Appalladium.

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