Text with Dextr – it’s as easy as A B C!

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Introducing our latest app – Dextr – the  simpler, smarter, faster keyboard for smartphones and tablets.

Dextr makes texting quick, fun and easy – thanks to a radically simple layout that arranges the letters in alphabetical order.

Find out more about Project Dextr, and download the beta version now free!

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Appalladium: Making technology accessible

Technology belongs to all of us. It should be simple, available and accessible to everyone. But so many barriers exist that prevent the people that need it most gaining access. And it’s not just cost barriers – it’s usability barriers too.  Appalladium seeks to smash those barriers and make technology faster to learn and easier to use.

Appalladium: Making technology easier

The mobile revolution is a game-changer for everyone. And in the developing world it has the power to transform lives, communities and nations. Appalladium is creating apps that assist that process. We’re excited by the falling cost of devices, but recognise they also need to be easier to use for everyone. The faster you can learn – the faster you can benefit.

Appalladium: Making technology simpler

Gone are the days of big, heavy manuals, expensive training courses and long, tedious learning curves. Appalladium believes technology should be getting simpler, not more complicated. We want to give people the tools they need to quickly grasp the power of technology to make it an enabler for them – to give them chances and choices to make their lives better.

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